Shabir Ally

November 19, 2008



I must say from the start that I have a fond memory of my most recent debate with Dr. James White. Certainly I find James to be a generous person, as demonstrated in his lavish gifts to me of valuable Christian literature. I hope that these encounters and the exchanges to follow will continue to foster a friendly relationship between us despite our obvious theological differences.

One of the disappointing features of these debates is the one-sided nature of the aftermath. During the debate itself every effort is made to ensure balance in the presentation of the views from the two sides. Equal time is allotted to the two speakers, and the moderator maintains a neutral position. But after the debate some parties begin to post on the web one-sided commentary and selected materials from the debate with the aim of promoting one side only. I would expect that some serious but unbiased analysis will follow these debates.

My case in point is that James has written an article in which he argues a central point that I feel I had painstakingly deconstructed during the final cross-examination and summarized in my closing remarks. As if to reclaim the deconstructed position, James has posted a portion of the debate in which he had explained his position. To this he has appended his now written response to my deconstruction of that position. But nowhere in his post do I find a careful analysis of what I actually said. He might have done well to post the clips of my comments along with his own and invite me to write a commentary which will be posted along with his. This would reflect true balance—the sort which we tried to maintain in the debate itself.

I realise that this ideal is difficult to maintain. We will each in our own circles find it necessary to offer some comments on how things went. But to continue as if one is offering a final rebuttal after the debate is over strikes me as being oblivious to the need for fairness.

I am sure that James does not mean to be unfair in his treatment of the debate materials. Perhaps this was only an oversight driven by the urge to answer a point he feels he could answer better now in hindsight. But James and I spoke for three hours that night in the double-debate. It is time to hear from others. James has, however, broken the needed silence, and I feel that my response to follow may help him understand the point I made about consistency, double standards, and the wearing various thinking hats.



  1. Jonathan Dupree Says:

    I have been watching Mr. Shabir since his first debate with James White. At first I was very angry with Shabir daring to come and challenge us about Christianity and our faith and our principles. Than I went through the debate again and again, It did bother me that James did not give any positive arguments for our scriptures. I thought I would give him a second chance in his debate with Ehrman. During the cross examination that is when I realized that James as brave as he is is a lion of the faith teeth he was given but a brain he was not. I know that is not a charitable thing to say, than I went through the motions again in his debate with Mr. Ally Was Jesus Crucified as a willing sacrifice.

    That was the icing on the cake. I cannot say I am ready to make the journey to Islam. I am actually someone in the ranks in my Evangelical college, this is the first time I have come out in the open about it.

    But Mr. Ally you have kept me up at night and it’s not a bad thing, I would rather loose all the sleep in the world and die upon the truth than to rest well with an empty faith and a shallow soul.

    May God bless you and may he help you in what you are doing. Know that it is not in vain

    • nazam44 Says:

      Hi there Jonathan,

      I’ve forward your comments unto Shabir Ally. You can always contact him directly on his email;

      Just for you info this blog isn’t runned by Shabir Ally himself but by me.

      From time to time I get articles from Shabir Ally sent to me and I post them on this blog.

      The blog came about due to James White posting comments of his review of his debates with Shabir Ally and thus only giving a partial account of the actual debate.

      I remember when they first debated, I was surprised at the exergerated claims that White and others had made on the internet about the debate. Myself and other encouraged Ally to write responses so as to give his point of view of his debates and this is how basically how this blog came about.

      I am hoping to upload some more articles that he wrote a couple of years ago onto this blog and also the third debate that White and Ally did in London onto my You Tube channel.

      You might also be intetrested in my friend’s blog who I think is of a similar background and experiance to you.

  2. lambertfraser Says:

    i pray with the love of Christ Jesus that you will search the scriptures and understand what they are saying before you make a decision upon your faith, (Jonathan).
    i am new to these debates. i must say, i commend you, (Shabir Ally) for contending what you belief is true; however, i pray that it is for the sake of turth.
    Shabir Ally, i pray that if you find the truth, you will return to Christ.

    Topical Questions: Did the Disciples Knew Jesus was God. ( emphatically yes). Matthew 24.
    That Scripture will also answer other questions for you.

    It is my understanding that the Koran forgive me if i spelled it incorrectly, has (somewhat), summarized certain acts of Christ Jesus; however, refutes the actual crucifixion as an implicated concoction. Nonetheless, within your arguments you have stated that Jesus is mentioned in the Koran. I have never read the Koran, i have only to credit what you have acknowledge within its context about Jesus; and that is, He is one who is born of the Virgin Mary, and is also rightfully deemed as a lover of humanity. This is exemplify by His great acts of altruism and benevolence for His creation.

    Henceforth, we can arguably let the life of Christ Jesus speak for Himself, without an myriad of secondary resources. i truly believe that Jesus astonishes us all.

    i say to you my brother Jesus is Lord.
    He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
    There is no one else like Him.
    and He is your Lord.

    Accept Him Shabir Ally.

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