Question Regarding The Contents Of ‘Q’


Question; You have argued in your recent debates that the contents of the document Q is against the idea that the early Christians believed that Jesus had been resurrected, since they are no references in it to his death and resurrection. However,  ‘Q’ is only a theory and there’s no evidence for it’s existence and we do not know fully to what extent ‘Q’ may have look liked?

I am not a scholar of the Q document. However, I read the writings of scholars who are foremost in the field, such as John Kloppenborg.  It is true that possibly Q had some narratives which were not copied by Matthew and Luke, and hence cannot at the moment be recovered. Hence arguments from silence have only limited use. Nevertheless, the said scholars have no doubt that Q existed, and that it was used by Matthew and Luke.

Kloppenborg is convinced that Q did not speak of the salvific death or the resurrection of Jesus. He favours a view advanced by Dieter Zeller that the view of the Q community was that Jesus died in the manner of persecuted prophets, was assumed into heaven in the manner of Enoch and Elijah, and that he will return to judge his persecutors (Excavating Q, p. 378). This view has more in common with the Quran’s sequence of events (though the Quran denies that Jesus was killed by his enemies) and it is the very view I presented in my most recent debate with Dr. Craig in Montreal.




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